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The Best Coffee Ever !

A hot cappuccino during the winter with a macarroon are the best match while having my relax time. I just sitting at cafe in Melbourne Central and saw lots of people walked in a rush doing their activities in the working hours, uni’s time or just do a window shopping. Yes, I really love the taste of coffee in Australia, especially in Melbourne. You can grab it every where. It’s so easy to find at the cozy cafe, surround train station or in the food retail. The taste is so “coffee” or “milky” if you drink a hot cappucino or a latte. The price is also very friendly, around $5 – 8 per cup.

I used to have the first hot capp everytime I stepped in at the Melbourne airport after the long flight. There is a lovely cafe just opposite the exit door from the immigration desk. A “Villa & Hut Kafe”. The cafe is always full with lots of people having their snacks, lunch or just waiting for someone to pick them up. The coffee is so “coffee”!

Just sit and relax. This was what I do in the cafe in front of the Westin Hotel in the city. I love the environment and a coffee of course! This is the good place when you are tired experiencing the Melbourne city and need for 1 or 2 hours break.

You better try them all and you can name which coffees are the best in Melbourne. Enjoy …….

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