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A “Transit” Feeling

I never thought that the situation in this airport will be surrounded by birds. Most of the cafes close. I couldn’t find any lounges that stated in the website. Oh well, maybe I got the wrong link ….

Ngurah Rai International Airport

I have a flight goes to Perth, Australia from Bali at 7 AM. I arrived in Bali around 1 AM local time, which means that I’ve to wait for about 5 hours !!!!! It’s fine with me though. I can see the beauty of the building with unique building design. There are also a lot of  group of people are hanging around in this International departure, and also some solo travellers. I can say that this area is safe enough, especially for a girl. The airport officers are really helpful. The cafe persons are also please me to sit in their sofas eventhough they are still do the opening preparation. Then, I can save my eyes for another sleeping time in my next 3 hours flight .

If you are affraid to wake up late when you stay at the hotel for your next flight in International departure of Ngurah Rai Denpasar Airport, you just stay in the airport. If you need something to eat, there is a 24 hours mini market in the second floor.

Just book the flight and enjoy your journey! Don’t think about the transit time. It’s gonna be fun 🙂

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