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A Trip in Perth City For FREE! (Part 2)

Who do not love traveling with a ZERO cost and you still able to visit lots of beautiful places? I do! That’s why I chose Perth, Western Australia in my Easter short break 2017.

I preferred to stay in the middle of Perth CBD area. Why ? Because, I would spent ONE FULL DAY only walking around the city and visited lots of tourist attractions within. And it would cost me ZERO!

I stayed in Pensionne Hotel Perth that is located in 70 Pier street in Perth CBD. The exact location is in the intersection between Pier street and Murray street. The location is very strategic because I was able to visit lots of places surround only by foot, such as London court, Bell Tower, Riverside, Museum Fire and Safety Education Center, St Mary Cathedral, the Governmental complex, Perth Town Hall, Perth Concert Hall, the Esplanade, Murray Street Mall, Hay Street Mall and other exciting places. And also, it was only take 5 – 10 minutes by walk to Perth station. So, I did not have to worry when I planned to travel to Fremantle.

Pensionne Hotel Perth

Even-though there is no breakfast provided in the hotel nor delivery services offered, there is Miss Maud Restaurant Perth that I could easily jumped in especially during the breakfast time. The location is just opposite the hotel, Murray Street. The breakfast concept would be the buffet serve and the hotel gave me the voucher of A$ 24 for the all you can eat breakfast. I really love the food. I took THREE PORTIONS for breakfast, which I never had heavy breakfast previously. The scramble eggs and sausages; Coco Pops cereal with milk and pancake with fruits were compromised enough in my stomach. The coffees and teas were also being served. So, I did not have to worry if I starved in the morning before the shops and restaurants has opened.

The best thing of staying in the CBD area is there would be NO COST for all public buses within the Free Transit Zone. Instead of the free zone buses, there are also free buses called CAT buses (Central Area Transit). There are four types of CAT, which are RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN. I followed the CAT MAP attached, PERTH CAT Map as the easiest way to point where should I get in and get off the bus.


Tips :

  • When you arrive in the city just before PM, you better plan the city / CBD trip instead of the traveling trip.
  • Always check the calendar event in advance.
  • Always make in your itinerary plan – a-day for the CITY TRIP. It will cut your transportation costs.
  • You better stay in the hotel that is surrounded by the tourist attractions. So, you can visit those places only by walk.
  • Check the Wi-Fi service in the hotel that you will be stay in. If you only stay for a short period, you better depend on the Wi-Fi instead of connecting to the local phone provider.



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