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My Fave Things to Do During Transit

I hate waiting ! I know ….. and I used to say those words especially if I took the flight with budget airlines. I usually took 3 to 8 hours just for transit. Oh well, after experience with this matter after years, I find my favorite things to do to kill the bore with no shopping allowed.

  1. Food – I usually arrived at the airport 5 hours before the departure time. Then, I had lunch or dinner after I checked in and put my baggage in. It means that I could spend around 1 – 1.5 hours in the restaurant, enjoying my meals and stretch my legs. Basically, I prefer to have a heavy meals before the flight and sleep for the rest of the flight. 
  2. Coffee – After passing the immigration desk, I usually still had around 2 hours before the boarding time. I just get a hot drink like a hot cappuccino or a hot chocolate and back to sit and relax in the cafe nearby the boarding gate. So, I still can monitor the boarding screen to alarm my self whenever it beeped.
  3. Books – I chose novels with the story that represent my daily life. It definitely can switch my brain from staring to the boarding staffs to have the real imagination about my character in the story. It is awkward but it usually works for me to forget about the minutes of waiting.
  4. A Nearby Hotel – This is my last choice. I used to take this alternative when I feel very tired and there are no proper place to wait for transit in the airport. The hotel can’t be to far as I have to be ready at least 2 hours before the boarding time. The airport hotel or nearby hotels would be perfect choices!

I love travel too much. And I love to search the airfare ticket promotion. It means that I have to deal with the hours of transit times. It is fine for me as I am able to lay my back in the comfort sofa with a hot drink ! 😬😬😬

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