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A Beautiful Sky in Swan River

The clean air, beautiful sky, perfect weather, comfortable environment and surround with friendly people will be the best elements that I need for refresh my mind. I can find those for free for hours even for days or for months. I could just sit there to enjoy the breeze without any worries about the criminals surround. Are those places offered with a ZERO cost?

The Riverside Drive would be the answer.  It is located just opposite the Supreme Court Garden and beside the Bell  Tower in Perth CBD, Western Australia. You won’t be asked to pay anything to entry this place, as it is in the open space and there are crowd of people do some sport activities, sightseeing, playing with their children, chit chat with their friends in the bench provided and some of them took some pictures of the scenery and the BLACK SWAN. You can take the CAT Buses if you travel around the city, however, I prefer to do my exercise by walking from Pier Street. It only took 10 – 15 minutes if you walk straight to the Riverside from the Pier Street.


The Path Way to Riverside from Bell Tower

The best view from the Riverside would be the Swan River. You can feel the beauty of the river a long the path way. There were many benches every meters for people to have some rests or just sit and relax. The surround was very neat and tidy. There were many people but not too crowd. They were busy with their activities. The unique thing was a lot of black swans were walked around the area and sometimes took some pose in front of the people who were setting their camera. Some of them were not wild and they were very friendly to visitors. Therefore, lots of people took the picture of black swans in only few meters distance as they were so cooperative as well.


A Black Swan did some pose in front of the photographer

In avoiding the messy traffic, there were two path ways you can choose in the Riverside. A path way for bicycle and the other for pedestrian. So, it will be safe enough if you prefer to walk slowly along the Riverside.


The Bicycle Pathway



I took more than two hours in this area. Do nothing. I just explored the beauty of the river, walked along the pedestrian, did some video shoot, had some conversations with other visitors and after that I just realized that I was too drifting by the comfort environment. And the main reason would be the length of the Riverside is infinity. So, it would be better if you stop in the Victoria Avenue and walk straight up to the St. Mary Cathedral for about 15 minutes.


Families did unique activities in the Riverside

If you need the place to release your mind and have the peaceful environment with a ZERO cost, you can put the Riverside as one of alternative in your itinerary. So, don’t wait  too long but just enjoy the beautiful scenery.





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