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Enjoying Unique Architecture and Comfort Gardens during Spring in Perth

Many people told me that there are a lot of things to do and see in Perth Central Business District (CBD), Western Australia. I had also searched the attractive places in advance before I decided to buy the airfare ticket and booked the hotel. Then, it was the day that I would prove the sight with my own eyes and I will share to you in my story.

I took a walk on my first day in Perth, Western Australia. And it supposed to be Spring on April, so it is around 27 derajat celcius and I do not have to be worry about layering my clothes.  I started my walk from the intersection of Pier Street and Murray Street where my hotel is located in. I walked through the Murray Street and went to the Barrack Street. As it was a Good Friday holiday, most of shops were closed. So, I just enjoyed the feel and saw lots of beautiful architectures surround.

I had my late lunch in McDonald’s – Hay Street, as I really missed a six pack chicken nugget meal ! Just opposite McDonald’s restaurant, I can see Perth Town Hall. Its architectural style is very beautiful. As it is described in the website, the style is the combination of Victorian Free Gothic Style with strong medieval overtones. Usually, this place was hired for lots of event, such as wedding ceremonies, receptions, meetings and any other events. Hmmm ….. it was too bad, there were not events when I was there.

I just walked through Barrack Street, until I stepped in the St. George Terrace.  While I waited for the traffic light, there was a beautiful park that cached my eyes. It is a combination of  Stirling Gardens, Council House Gardens and Supreme Court Gardens. It is a Governmental Complex.


Those gardens are so comfort with surrounding by trees and beautiful flowers. There were many families, kids, grand parents and tourists took some slow walks just to enjoy its beauty and also some of them captured the sight. Like ME! haha … These gardens can also be the short way to Bell Tower and Riverside Drive.



Supreme Court of Western Australia

I was enjoying the gardens in a warm weather. Looking at the fresh trees and flowers. I saw the big beautiful building of Supreme Court of Western Australia just in front of me. This court is the State’s highest court that responsible for criminal and civil matters. The building is so elegant and show the strong culture.


There is the path way going to the Supreme Court Garden, which is located at the back of this building. I was so in love with this garden. Many people laid down in the greens while reading books, had a chit chat or just enjoy the sun below. The garden is like a life rugs to be hugged in. I love being in there. The location is very near to Bell Tower and Riverside, just across the road. So, you can easily view the beauty of Swan River and the tall tower of the Bell Tower while taking your short break in this garden.


Supreme Court Garden

There are a lot of things to do and to be seen, even-though you only have 2 – 3 hours in Perth CBD. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture sights, casual walks and beautiful scenery.

So, what are you waiting for ? Do you wanna share your travel itinerary ? 




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