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Search for a Sunflower Field in Lopburi, Thailand

When we travel to Thailand, we used to put the temples, castles, and Chatuchak market in Bangkok in our itinerary as the must visit places. In this trip, we planned to visit the sunflower field in Lopburi, Thailand. The people said that the best sunflower field would be  the field number 42. How did we find the exact field after searching lots of fields in the long road?


We started our journey from Ayuthaya, Thailand. But, I will inform you the way to Lopburi from Bangkok as it would be easier. The easiest transportation mode to Lopburi from Bangkok is by train. You can catch the train from Bangkok’s Hualumpong rail station every hour. It takes about 2 – 2.5 hours. And the last train would be at 6.05 PM. The price is also worthable, which is around 50 Baht for a third class fare and around 350 Bath for a second class. And you can take the bus or a motorcycle from the Lopburi station to the targeted field.

You may also use the bus from Bangkok. You can catch the bus from Bangkok’s Northern bus terminal (Mor Chit) every 30 minutes. The fare is more expensive than catching a train, 100 Baht and it takes around 2 hours.


The sunflower field was so beautiful and it was very spacious. All flowers grew flourishing and we were able to take photo in every location we love. Outside the gate, we could taste the sunflower beans and we were able to buy them for snacks during the trip. They were also selling the cute and unique souvenirs that you could bring home. 


 So, it was very unique to visit the beautiful sunflower field in between the required visit to temples, castles and any other tourist attractions. It is a recommended place to visit and it would be a memorable journey.

Tips : 

  • When you catch a train, make sure that you wait in the right platform
  • Always have a back up plan instead of only depending on one transportation mode.
  • Download the electronic dictionary
  • Always ready with map

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