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Cute and Creative Designs that Can’t Be Forgotten

The complexity of architectural design will express the uniqueness of the building. However, some simple designs will also show the creativity that depend on the concept and the target tenants or target market. Every time I traveled to Melbourne, Australia, the building design that I always wanted to view would be the historical style. Because it was very unique, antique, and gave me the memorable feeling. Nowadays, there are many building in this city that adapting the modern style. This creativity would add the basic function of the buildings them self and expand the target market automatically.

Tourists would be the potential market that would be affected by the environment and building uniqueness as they always want everything creative to be recorded. Below, I share some information about the varieties of unique designs that can be seen and pass by in Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) and I thought that they would be wasteful if I did not record them.

1. Federation Square

This building was open from public since 2012. The building complex give lots of attraction, which are not only the regular events but the building attraction itself. For me, it is the great public places. In my opinion, the design is very unique and apply lots of creativity. When I saw this building for the first time, I only could say WOW and visited this building automatically just to feel the chemistry.  The location is also very easy to be approached. I just across the road from the Flinders Station.

The place that I always visited on the first day in Melbourne would be the Melbourne Visitor Centre in Federation Square. This place offered numbers of tours available from more than one tour providers. And the prices were so competitive as well. I experienced with the Sovereign Hill + Ballarat Tour and  Great Ocean Road Tour from there and I was very satisfied. They organized the tours professionally. Beside tours, I also could took some maps and calendar events. So, I could plan my journey easily. This centre opened daily from 9 AM – 6 PM.

What other things that I can enjoy in The Federation Square? They provided guided tours to have more picture and understanding about this place. There were also some events that regularly happened among kids or teenagers. This place was really happening during the day and also the weekend. To get more information about Federation Place, you can visit this website.

2. Student Centre Monash Caulfied Campus


Actually, this is just a student service that serve variety of support services for undergraduate and post graduate students in Monash University – Caulfield Campus. Those services are the regular basis. The thing that I liked about this building  would be the unique shape that built-in on the side of the building. It showered the creativeness and attract more students to regularly visit the student centre.

The location is inside of  Monash University – Caulfield Campus. I used to took the train and stopped in Caulfield station. The campus area was open for public, so if you want to visit this student centre you can easily approach it through the campus complex.

3. The Bridges in Yarra River

I like these two bridges that I always passed by when I walked through Yarra River from Flinders Station to Crown Casino or Southwarf Factory Outlet. These bridges have a wonderful design, in my opinion, and the creativity engage most of people who walked through the bridge automatically. Some of them enjoy them by riding the bicycle or doing some sport activities due to the wide space among the bridges. And lots of tourists took some photos with the bridges and Melbourne city view as the background or they just walked through the bridges and enjoyed the creativity that could create the chemistry.

4. Cute restaurant along the Yarra River


I found this cute restaurant while I walked along the Yarra River. I did not know the name of the restaurant and I thought the building was ordinary. But, the thing that cached my eyes on that time would be the bicycle fences. This idea was very creative and unique. Many children turned their way to this place just because of this kind of fence. So, you will find this place easily when you walked along the Yarra River to Crown Casino.

So, plan your journey. Get some photos and videos with unique design and share to me !

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