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The NOW feeling in the OLD TOWN

Sometimes, we want to tell everyone about how we feel if we live in 1800s. Especially, nowadays when we are fully engaged with high technology, modern clothes, drive an expensive cars, live in modern houses or work in hi-tech office. How we can step back in time where we can walk around in the historical blocks with costumed ladies and gents surround.

We can have the whole feeling in Sovereign Hill,  Ballarat, Victoria. It’s only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne and also you can catch a train or a bus to visit this living museum. It’s really easy and convenient transportation mode we can chose. When I arrived in this place, I feel like I arrived in the cowboy era. I can joined walk with  costumed parade, took photos with costumed ladies and gents and did some tours to the old houses, churches and old schools. And the most interesting moment was I could exercise with finding golds.

This place is giving the memory of 1800s back in the peaceful feeling. Here some photos of Sovereign Hill and Ballarat that I can share to you. Hopefully, you also can have the memory of 1800s like I always did.

Sovereign Hill

Souvereign Hills 13Souvereign Hills 12Souvereign Hills 14

Souvereign Hills 1Souvereign Hills 2Souvereign Hills 3Souvereign Hills 4Souvereign Hills 5Souvereign Hills 8Souvereign Hills 9Souvereign Hills 10Sovereign Hills 6Sovereign Hills 7

Ballarat Area

Ballarat 4Ballarat 3Ballarat 2







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