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Start the Business by Building Cute Booths

Japan always come up with unique and creative ideas in every business. We need that idea when we start a business to attract consumers come to your store or office and build in with the services. When I visited Osaka, Japan, I find many creative booths and food trucks that offered ice cream, meals, beverages, and snacks. Sometimes, we did not want to visit the booth at the first glance, but it changed after 5 minutes. We just wanted to experience the environment and food tasting would be the second need.

We need simple but creative ideas to express the aura to surround market while doing the business, especially in food and beverage industries. Here are some photos of colourful booths and creatures in Osaka that attracted many people to come or just took some photos and shared them in their social media. Please check this out !

Osaka 1Osaka 2Osaka 3Osaka 4Osaka 5Osaka 6Osaka 7

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