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Month: May 2017

It’s Another Hello & Goodbye

Hi everyone ! I used to do scrubing twice a week. I usually do on Wednesday and Saturday. I feel my skin renew and refresh. So, I get my self […]

Delicious Oxtail Soup

It would be another dish that I want to talk about in my blog post. The Oxtail Soup. There are many restaurants in Jakarta that sell this dish. Some of […]

I Left My Heart in Melbourne

Hi everyone! In my story today, I will talk about the city that I love the most. Melbourne. I get attracted to this city since I was in junior high […]

My Empty Bottle Review

I have been mentioned in my previous blogs that I’m in love with skincare products. I tried many brands especially if they are covered with cute packages. In this post, […]

The Taste of Padang Food

The Indonesian foods always have unique tastes and it varies based on their hometown. In this post, I will talk about the Padang food and its restaurants. We can easily […]

Refreshment of the Heart

The combination of a blue sky, green colours of grass and fertile trees give me the peaceful feeling. A clear sound of birds singing with no mixed with the sound […]

Review : Hand Cream – Naturals

This is my other review on another hand cream that I bought in Jakarta. I always bought any brands of hand cream. I am addicted to all lotion, cream, body […]

My Comfort Zone in JJ Royal

I am truly a cafe addict. As I tell you in my previous blog posts, I always enjoy any kind of cafes that have coffees (of course), cute cakes and […]

A Ghost Tour in Port Arthur

I still talked about my trip while I was in Hobart, Tasmania. I still amaze with this city. The city is so quite if comparing to Melbourne and Sydney. However, […]

Review : My Long Lasting Happy Brand

Skincare is everything for me. I love to try something new and wishing for the best effect result. Every-time I do traveling, I always bought makeups and skincare of local […]

Lovely Dishes in Casa De Peri

I am really a chicken lover, especially if it is grilled and fried. I don’t like the boiled chicken as a side dish or put in any kind of soup […]