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Chosen Traveling Footwear

Shoes were my most critical stuffs that I should bring during my traveling. Actually, I kept lazy to bring more than 1 shoes in my luggage. And I ended up by buying them in the city of arrival. It’d be wasting money, especially when I had to buy them inbthe begining of the journey.

Now, I’d like to share my experiences in choosing the best traveling footwear that I prefer to put in my luggage. It would be a hard thing to do but it was a must.

1. Sandals

This is my everyday “semi-sandals”. I used to wear these on the traveling day as I often put them off in the plane. When I visit the country in the summer, I used this type of footwear for city trip. It was so comfort and it has light in weight. So, I won’t feel sore in my legs.

2. Flat Shoes

I like this kind of shoes, especially when I had to face spring and autumn weather. It gave warm in my foot and also very light. I used to wear this when I had to travel around the city and in the suburb. As long as the road is flat, this type of shoes would be recommended to put in my traveling bag.

3. Semi Sneakers
I love this shoes when I walked around the park. It has a medium thick in the foot gear. So, I won’t feel any sore when I walked through the garden or the ground. But, if I used this type of shoes for a city trip, I changed to sandals after 2 hours walk.

4. Sneakers

This is for mountain trip. I used this shoes during mountain hiking. Please note, it didn’t recommended for a slippery ground. It was comfort for leisurely strolling.


I always brought and bought this type of footwear. It gave my foots and legs a good rest after a long walk. This stuff was a must!

It depends the city culture, weather and places that you plan to visit while deciding the type of footwear to be put in the luggage. But, personally I bring Thongs and Flat Shoes. How about you? 

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