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Review : Get Lost in Nowhere

When I decided to travel everywhere, I used to prepare alternatives of itinerary. It means both manual and app – based itineraries. In the manual one, I put all information about destinations that I wanted to visit, daily costs and the schedule in one sheet. And sometimes I attached the city and transportation maps, if those were available in their website. I will explain in detail about my manual itinerary in my next blog.

In this blog, I want to share my experience in using the app to prepare my itineraries. There are a lot of traveling apps but I use to use the Sygic Travel app. It helped me alot while creating my trip plan and it also provides the map, directions and the information about their recommended places. The happiest thing is it is FREE! You can download this app in the App Store and Google Playstore.

Usually, I checked the recommended places that had been mention in this app and it can be used as a base for creating my detail itineraries. The amazing thing was when I was in Perth, Western Australia, I still could use this app for guiding me to my planned places without the Internet connection. However, I still couldn’t browse the detail of it but I still able to saw my current location and the direction to each of my destinations. It helped me a lot!

I will explain in detail about the step to use this app.

1. Choose the city that you plan to visit

I would find the empty schedule of mine at the beginning. So, I selected the “+” sign in My Trips section to continue the city selection. I also can see my scheduled trips and also my past trips plus the finished trips in the trash bin. All of my trips are keep recorded, then I still can review everytime I want.


I can choose any cities in Indonesia or overseas. It was easy, I just click to one city and it automatically continued to the next step.

2. Create the Trips Folder

I use my last trip to Perth, Western Australia as the example. After I selected the city, my planned trip automatically compile into one folder. I can get lots of information within this folder, such as the city map; recommended places description with the website link, history, costs and other information; recommended tours, hotel, transportation and weather information. I really love this app because it was really help me while doing packing and choosing the right clothes and shoes to bring. All guidance were available to be accessed. And it is FOR FREE for the basic service. In my opinion, the basic service would be complete enough for me.


3. Choose the recommended places from the map

When I selected the map section, it’d come out the map that complete with the recommended places. So, it really helped me to make a hotel selection. I personally chose the hotel based on the tourist attraction area. I tried not to engage with public transports on the first day. I choose walking trip instead. 

This map also worked without the internet connection, especially for the GPS connection. Sometimes, I confused which path should I took to go to my selected places. But, when I opened the map, there was the blue signage that guided me step by step to the place. Honestly, I really depended on this app.


The history behind the places was one of sources that I need before create the itinerary. When I clicked the recommended places in the map, there was the background description posted. I also could check the opening hours, the duration that I planned to visit the place and also the website link if it was available.


4. Tours Selection

I used to engage with local tours everytime I wanted to travel out of town. But, I still need this information to compare the price as they used to charged for different prices that based on the tour itinerary.

5. Select Clothes by Weather

I used to check the weather every day when I travel. It was really helped me what stuffs that I should bring in my bag. So, I’d feel comfort and safe. 

This app is really helped me out during traveling. You can easily download it easily. If you just need the standard format, you don’t have to upgrade the app. And you won’t get lost during traveling ! 


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