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A Freedom Feeling in Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay, whis is part of Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula, would be one of my destination spot when I traveled to Hobart, Tasmania. It is located near Hobart. Wineglass Bay and Coles Bay are side by side.

How to get there ? Actually, I prefered to take a public transportation everytime I went for traveling. But, it different in Hobart. most of the public transportation, which is bus, operates from suburbs to the city in the afternoon and back to the suburbs in the morning. So, it was hard for me, who stayed in the city, to organize the morning trip. Then, I decided to take a local tour to Wineglass Bay. The local tour usually starts in the morning and finish in the afternoon.

On my way to Wineglass Bay, there is the small complex that consists the small restaurant and the small store. As every visitors couldn’t bring any drinks to Wineglass Bay, it’s better if I had lots of drinks in here. And also I had lunch before hiking.

Just beside this complex, there was the small park and the beach. I didn’t know the name of the beach but it was really beautiful. It was quite and I can feel the fresh breeze. There were numbers of seagulls flied around. I feel really relaxed.

The tour leader gave us the options if we wanted to go to the Wineglass Bay lookout it would take  around 1 hour walking up the Freycinet National Park or half way for about 30 – 35 minutes walk. We decided to go for a half way walk. It was one of the memorable experience for me. It was very tired but fun. 

When I arrived the destination, I just wanted to say “This is so beautiful and I don’t want to go down!”

I could see the beautiful Coles Bay from where I stand. The scenery was so wonderful with blue sky. So, my tiredness paid off.

There were also another beautiful scneries surround this area. Ah, I love this place so much!

I could find lots of beautiful sceneries, Bay, calm environment, and other wonderful places to visit in Tasmania. It is a quite city but it is safe enough. So, if you want to enjoy the day without crowd and polution, this is the best place to go for your holiday.

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