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A Not Scary Wildlife Experience

I, personally, am not type of person who put the zoo on my first list of my travel itinerary. I prefer to go to mountain or beaches instead if I want to see the scenery. However, I switched the way I think about zoo thing. I became the wildlife lover now!

It started when I went to Hobart, Tasmania. I wanted to experience with wildlife in Australia. Then, I was decided to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary with local tour. It locates on 593 Briggs Road, Brighton. On my way to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, I saw 2 cute Llama with 2 colours, white and brown. They acted like they were on fight with each other.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary was not a very big place but it gave the natural feeling as all cages were in open space, especially the Kangoroo’s cage. The sanctuary opens daily from 9am to 5pm and there’d be a daily tour start at 11.30am.

I received a bag of Kangoroo food after paid $28 for entry pass. So, I had the experience to entry their cage and gave them a bag of food! If you bring a child, you only pay $14 for entrance.

In every cage, there were a name signage of the animal within with the information about food and place of origin.

I was welcomed by a georgeus peacock with beautiful colour. It wasn’t wild at all. So, I could stay closer without any worries. It walked around the santuary in happiness. There were lots of visitors took the photo and it just stayed in the fence and pose.

There were another animals that I could engage with, such as Koala, Tasmanian Devil, Lizard, Kangoroo, hedgehog and other animals. But, for the tasmanian devil, I could not stand closer to them as they were wild and also no picture taken. I tried hard to took the picture though and ended up they were getting angry. Haha.

The most memorable moment was my experience in Kangoroo cage. It was a wide field with the locked gate. The group Kangoroo were there that aged from baby to old age. I had got the best feeling when they ran into me asking for food. They were so cute. I could touch them, and played with them.

There was a small souvenir shop in the exit gate. So, I could by some souvenirs like a sweater, t shirt, postcard, fridge magnet and also a COFFEE! 

It was my memorable experience and honestly, I want to go back to this place someday. I really recommend you to travel to Hobart and get many experiences from beautiful sceneries, quite and peaceful city life and a wildlife.

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