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A Weekend Skincare Routine at Home

Every Sunday is a heaven for my skin. I always spend around 2 hours doing skincare treatment and absolutely for FREE!!!! I’m a type of lazy person that have to lay down in the skin clinic for hours, waiting for my skin to get done. That’s why I choose my bathroom to do this weekend treatment and it tooks only two hours or less.

In this blog, I’d like to share my experience on the skincare treatment that I used to use for weekend treatment and also the review for all of them. I list them in order based on the step that I used to do.

1. Rice Water Bright Cleanser Cream

I’m in love with this cleanser from The Face Shop. This is the type of a cream cleanser and it’s a medium think. I can finish the bottle for about 6-8 months. It’s kind of save my expenses for a cleanser. I also use this cleanser for my daily skincare routine, day and night.

For the weekend treatment, I start with this cleanser to clean all side of my face. I put the cream on palm and start massage all over my face. Then I clean up with 2 cotton faces. I’ll feel smooth feeling on my skin.

2. Facial Cleansing Oil

I continue clean my face by facial cleansing oil by PALMER’S. I used to clean my face twice before starting my treatment. I just put the cleansing oil on my face, and start massage. Splash the water on my face and continue cleansing for about 1-2 minutes.

However, if there is an acne on the skin face, you better replace this cleansing oil to the cleanser that specialized for acne. And start using this oil again after the acne is again.

3. White Jewel Peeling

Then, I continue with peeling my face with White Jewel Peeling by The Faceshop. I like this peeling because it is very gentle and smooth. I massage my skin until the peeling is dry and wash over my face with water. And I feel that my face is fresh and glowing.

4. Facial Massage Cream

I continue massage my face with Facial Massage Cream by Wardah. I put the cream on my face and massage it in circular motion for about 15 minutes. It gonna be boring minutes but I used to do it while watching action movies.

After 15 minutes, don’t wash it for another 15 minutes to let the cream absorbed. And continue with washing my face with the cleansing oil by PALMER’S

5. Purifying Mask

After my face cleaned from the massage cream, I continue by applying Purifying Mask by PALMER’S for 10 minutes. And continue cleanse with cleansing oil. I wil feel my face cleaned, moisturised and ready for the daily skincare treatment. 

A healthy skin is a must for me. So, eventhough I’m tired and need lots of rests during the weekend, I’ll spend approx 2 hours for this treatment. And I feel fresh and be ready for welcoming Monday. 

Please share yours ……. 


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