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Simple Stuffs in the Traveling Makeup Pouch

As a women, I always confuse what skincares and makeup should I bring during traveling. I feel that I want to bring all of my skincares and make up at home. But, it’s gonna be complicated due to the liquid measurement limitation.

So, I just put them in my makeup pouch that I always bring in my sling bag. It’s gonna be simple and easy for me. I also could refresh my face anytime during trip and did touch up.

These are the simple stuffs that I always put in my simple pouch :

Makeup Remover Wipes

I never bring the cleansing cream that I used to apply during my home treatment. I always bring the cleansing wipes because it was simple and easy to bring.

Facial Essence

This is for my makeup based and I used bring them in the sachet form. Usually, I could use one sachet for 2 days usage if I applied twice a day.

Face Cream or Moisturiser

During the day, I used to apply moisturiser before CC Cream or Foundation. But, I applied a face cream while I travel. The reason was it could withold my makeup for longer time. So, I didn’t have to do touch up every 3 hours.

High Coverage CC Cream

This is a must! I also could only use CC cream without moisturiser or cream as a base.

Face Mask

I always brought face masks everytime I travel. This was to refresh my face after hit by sun or by wind.

Sun Care

Eventhough, I travel in the winter, I always bring the sun care to protect my skin from a hidden sunlight.

Body Spray

Body spray always stay in my bag. I love my body to be freshen up after tiring day or during the flight.

Hand Sanitizer

This is my trick of refreshing my day instead of using the body spray. I used the hand sanitizer instead. So, If my pouch is already full, I bring hand sanitizer in the bag and body spray in my luggage.

Hand Lotion 

A small tube of lotion would moisturize my palm especially during the long flight with extra air conditioner.

Compact Powder 

This is the simple pack that I can bring everywhere during trip. I never bring the loose powder because it’ll be very challenging while doing touch up in turbulence.


I never wear eyeliner during flight because I feel my eyes will be very heavy. But, I need it when I went out for dinner and it’d refresh my eyes.

Blush On Stick

I love this type of simple blush on. It is in the stick form. It is very easy to bring and it is also easy to apply in the plane. I did not need a brush though.


I always bring the eyeshadow not for the eyeshadow usage. But I applied it for my eyebrow. It will look natural and long lasting. So, it’ll be multifunction.


I always brought two lipsticks. The bright colour for a night use and the nude colour for a day use.

Those are packaged in small size and there will be so simple if I bring in my handbag.

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