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Bondi Beach in a crowd ?

Hi everyone!

My today’s blog will talk about my experience while traveling to Sydney, Australia. I lived in this city years ago and I felt that I lived in Jakarta instead. The city was so crowded with lots of resident, student and tourist. And I wanted to have another feel on late 2016 in this city. Was it still the same environmental feeling?

I stayed in a hostel near the Central Station in Central Business District (CBD). So, I could travel everywhere easily by train or by bus as there were some bus stops in front of the hostel. 

I love beaches and mountains. So, everytime I travel, I would go to that places. Bondi Beach is one of the popular beach in Sydney. The transportation to go there was so easy. As I stayed in Sydney CBD, I could travel to Bondi Beach by train from Central, Martin Place, Town Hall and Kings Cross stations for about 11 minutes. And continued by bus number 380, 381, 382 and 333 from Bondi Junction for 15 minutes to the beach.

Because of the wind was so fast, I decided to had lunch in Bondi Junction. There were a lot of restaurants and shops in Bondi Junction area. And there were some music in the junction pathway. The area was so lively and crowded. Lots of people and families were sitting in the benches, did window shopping and had lunch. My friend and I decided to had lunch in the Japanesse restaurant in Bondi Junction.

After that, we catched a bus to go to Bondi Beach before it gets dark. I was amazed with the beauty of the beach. The golden sand played by the breeze, the blue sky showed the beauty with a wonderful colour, the scenery was very beautiful. There were some buildings surround that made the area talked uniquely. 

We walked through the sands from East to the West side of the beach. We felt the freshness while took some photos. There were not many people laid down in the beach as the wind was so strong. But there were a group of the coast guard did some exercises.

I personally love the grafitti walls surround the beach. There were so colourful and very beautiful. It seems that each spot own by the individual. So, the pictures had different expressions and also different messages.

We ended up in Bondi Pavilion before get the bus back to the junction and continued for a city trip.

Hopefully, this story can help you in getting the information about the Bondi Beach. Feel free for the next chat ….

Thank you for reading.

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