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Review : Acnes

Hi everyone ! 

In this blog, I’ll share my experience in using product for Acne that calls Acnes. As a woman, I really hate when the pimple occurs nicely in my face, even it is only one. I tried heard to find the lotion or gel than can relieve them. 

I find this starter pack of Acnes and I wanted to try because it stated that it is the Acnes Treatment Series. It consists of a creamy wash, a powder lotion, and sealing jell. And it packaged in a small box, like the traveling package. The most incredible thing is it only cost me IDR 32,500 per pack or around $3! Is that an amazing price ?

Now, I’ll share my review that based on the order of usage.

1. Acnes Creamy Wash

It is a daily facial wash. I usually used this after I clean my face using the cleansing cream. It is foamy but not too foamy. My face feel fresh.

2. Acnes Powder Lotion

After my face clean, I appy Acnes Powder Lotion to all over my face. First, I just wanted to apply it in the area with pimples but I don’t like if there are many brands mixed up in my face. After applying this powder lotion, leave it until it absorb to my skin.

3. Acnes Sealing Jell

After the powder lotion has absorbed, I put Acnes Sealing Jell in the pimple. 

After using this treatment series, I feel my pimple is dry. And I think I’ll buy this product again when the pimple come.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this information useful for you.

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