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Review : Cream Stick Blusher the SAEM

As a woman, if you want to look fresh in the middle of the day, you better put the blush on. It’s only my thought. But, I do that every single day. My key of freshness would be the blush on. 

In this blog, I’ll review my blush on that I always use for work. It is from the SAEM and it calls Cream Stick Blusher. It is the cosmetic from Korea. They only have 2 colours, the pale one and pink. Because my skin is not so white so I choose the pink colour.

I like the colour so much. It is pink with a glitter in it. But when I apply it on my face, it becomes so natural and my cheek will be blushing. It also blend easily with my applied make up. Honestly, this product is highly recommended.

The packaging itself is so simple. It is as stick form. So, I can bring it as simple as I bring the compact powder with no worry of being messed up. I always bring this blusher everyday and also during traveling. It last for more than 6 month because I don’t have to apply it too much to get the blushing effect.

Hopefully, this information is useful for you to get your cheek blushing. Thank you for reading.

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