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Review : Impulse Perfume Spray

Hi all …..

In my blog, I’d like share my review on one of my favorite perfume brands. Impulse. This is a perfume in spray. I love this spray. I always bought it in Priceline everytime I traveled to Australia. I always put them in stock for about a month because it was hard to find this spray in Indonesia.

It only costs me A$ 4.99 per bottle in Priceline. Actually, the price were different based on the scent. And sometimes they cut the price off for some scents. I always confuse in choosing the scents, because it offers lots of variety of scents.


  • Smell : I love the smell because it is not too strong. I think this perfume spray will be the perfect choice for daily activities, like working or studying. Because the smell is so natural.
  • Freshness : I always spray it around 15 metres from my body to avoid the unconvenience direct feeling if I spray it too close to my skin. I feel my skin fresh for about 1-2 hours. So, I have to put it in the bag for respray it in the next hours.
  • Tips : If you wear the black t shirt, do not spray it in the shirt because it’ll give the white spot in your shirt.

This is my review of my favorite spray. Thank you for your reading.

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