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Review : Purifying Mask PALMER’S

A weekly mask is a weekly routine especially for women. The fresh face is required for a daily basis though. And the right mask should be used for getting the maximum result.

I will share my experience on using my weekly mask. I use to apply a face mask twice a week, which are on Wednesday and Sunday. Why do I choose Wednesday? Because it is in the middle of the week and I have look fresh for the rest of the week. 

I choose a Purifying Mask from PALMER’S. It consists green clay and sweet almond oil. Actually, this is my third tube and it last more than 5 months for 1 tube. I like this mask so much because I have a very sensitive skin and it can cooperate with my skin very well. 

The ingredients are :

  • Cocoa & Shea Butters for a deep moisturing and nourishing
  • Vitamin E that gives a powerful antioxidant
  • Kaolin that make the mask dries gently to detox and purify
  • Sweet Almond Oil that gives lightweight skin emollient

  • Texture : Semi thick
  • Application : Twice a week. I use to apply it after my face washed. So, it’s already clean before absorb the mask.
  • Duration : 10 minutes after a light drying occurs. And simple just wash with water.

I feel so fresh and when I look into the mirror, my face look so fresh and clean. Then, I continue apply my daily serum and moisturiser. 

Does anyone have the review any PALMER’S product ?

Thanks for reading.

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