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A Hand Sanitizer as A Perfume?

Honestly, I am addicted to anykind of hand sanitizer. Sometimes I feel that my palm is really sticky without any reason. Beside for sanitizing my hand, I use this as a perfume as well. Kidding ya ? Absolutely NOPE. I’m serious, especially when I’m traveling or there was a small space for make up in my bag.

Actually, I got the freshness from hand sanitizer and it smells very good and very yummy. If I put them as a perfume, I used to apply it in my neck, my palm or in my wrist. 

There are two hand sanitizer brands that always bring everyday for work, and for traveling. Here are the reviews.


  • Price : around IDR 33,000 or around $3 for each bottle
  • Size : 29 ml
  • Description : The gel texture is thicker than Palmolive Hand Saniter. But it is not too thick though. The smell is good but it doesn’t come out straight away.


  • Price : $ 3.69 for each bottle
  • Size   : 48 ml
  • Description : The texture is lighter than the Bath & Body Works. When I put in my palm and being rubbed, it blend easily. And it smells straight out. It stated in the bottle that it kills 99.9% of germs.

I love those brands very much and always bring 1 bottle in my bag. The package is so small and it is really easy for me to put in my makeup pouch. And both brands also do not give the dry feeling in my skin.

I don’t know how many bottle that I bought before and finished it for about 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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