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Review : Oil – Free Moisturiser Neutrogena

I think, this is my 5th bottle of moisturiser that I used. So, I will share with you about my experience with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser

I, personally, adore the Neutrogena brand because the ingredients were so light as they produced by Johnson & Johnson Pacific. My face skin is so sensitive, I only can use the skincare with light ingredients and the water based ones. That’s why I choose Neutrogena Ultra – Gentle Facial Moisturiser for sensitive skin. It gave lightweight for my skin and it did not give an iritation as well. 

I used to apply 1 pump every morning after the serum application and before the BB cream of foundation. And also every night, before applying the night cream. After applying the mosturiser, I used to leave them for about 1 minutes until the lotion has absorbed. If not, it will not blended with BB cream.

I love the feel of refreshness and a lightweight effect. And the most important thing, I can finish 1 bottle for 1 year !!!!!! 

Hopefully, this review can help you in choosing the best moisturiser for your skin. Thanks for reading.

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