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Review : Perfume Stick by the Faceshop

Who doesn’t like this cute little Japanesse or Korean doll like this ? I do. Honestly, when I first looked at this cute little thing, I thought it’ll be cute when I bring this in the bag and used this everytime I need. Haha ….

I thought this is the perfume for room or toilet. I was wrong. It is the petite perfume stick by the Faceshop. I’m in love with the packaging because it is cute and it is formed by thick plastic. So, I don’t have to worry to break the stick. And also there is the safety cover inside the main cover. It’ll be safe from any virus.

 The scent is so gentle not too strong, it’ll great if I use it everyday for work. And it came out easily after I applied it.

The stick itself is thick enough and I can apply it easily in my wrist. The price is IDR 125,000 or around $13 per stick and it lasts for more than 3 months that depends on how often you apply it everyday.

This perfume stick is one of my choices of perfume to spray my day with good smell. And also this type of perume is one of my favorite choices for traveling purpose as there’ll be no liquid limit. Please share your favourite perfume!

Thanks for reading.


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