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Review : Bath & Body Works

I love my body always feel fresh and moistured. Every 2 hours I continually spray the body spray and put the body lotion on to change my mood. Haha ! That’s why I always bring the small package of those everytime I go. It not heavy and simple to put in my make up pouch.

In this blog, I will share my review on the body lotion and the fragrance mist of one of my favourite brands, Bath & Body Works. 

Body Lotion – Mad About You

  • Price : $12.50 per bottle
  • Measure : 88 ml
  • Include : Vitamin E
  • My experience : The texture is not thick and very soft. It can absorb to my skin quickly and it is not sticky. My skin is mosturised easily. So, I am comfortable to apply it for a daily basis. The scent is so nice and not too strong for everyday use.

Fragrance Mist – Mad About You

  • Price : $6.00 per bottle
  • Measure : 88 ml
  • My Experience : I really love the scent. It is very fresh scent and it can refreshing my skin during the day. The spray itself doesn’t give the strong / hot effect, but fresh. I always bring it for work, so I can spray it before meeting and enjoy the day.

I use to bring these during traveling because it is so easy to put in the bag. 

So, spray your day and brightened your day!

    Thanks for reading.

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