I really love foods and a coffee. I know that there are not matched at all! But I always finish my foods with anykind of hot coffees. I feel complete enough to warm my stomach.

I miss this salted fish fried rice. In Jakarta, I rarely find the fried rice with Jambal fish in any restaurants. They usually replaced the Jambal fish with anchovy. I can’t taste the salty effect with it though.

Then, I found the salted fish fried rice with Jambal fish in Bakmi Naga restaurant in Indonesia. I feel I find the lost one. I kept order it 8 times in a row. And I never get bored. I used to add chopped chillies to have a better taste.

The portion is perfect for a woman. It also combined with slices of tomato, crackers, and a few slices of cucumber. So, there won’t be a fish after taste.

Price : IDR 40,000 ($4) per portion

A white coffee will do for my lunch time today. The coffee itself tastes original from coffee beans. Those two were complete my day today.

Price : IDR 17,000 ($17) per cup

How about your lunch ?

Thanks for reading.