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My Saturday Bag

I am not a type of person that use the big girly bag with lots of stuff on the weekend. I prefer to use a small sling bag with lots of pocket in it. So, I can put all my stuffs in it without any trouble to find the small things. 

In this blog, I will share what stuffs I always bring in this small bag. It won’t be too much but it is complete enough for me. 

  • A Wallet

This is not a real wallet. It is a leather pouch from Sportsgirl, but I use this as a wallet because it is in the flat shape and easy to organize inside the wallet. And also it is thin enough.

  • Shawl

I always bring the shawl if I don’t wear the warm clothes. It is not the thick shawl but it is made from the warm fabric. The function is to cover my body from cold and also for dress up instantly if I have to go to the formal event.

  • I Phone Charger & Powerbank

I can’t live with these two. I always bring everywhere I go.

  • Elizabeth Arden Perfume

I love the fragrance of Green Tea Lavender. It is so fresh and it won’t smell too strong. It is perfect for use in AM.

  • Make Over Compact Powder

This powder is the easiest to bring and it is blended perfectly in my skin face.

  • Cream Stick Blusher The SAEM

This blusher is very useful to refresh the face look especially in the afternoon. I always bring this stick, because it is really easy to apply while I’m driving.

  • ZAM Lipstick

I love this liquid lipstick because it can stay from AM and PM with only few times touching up or never. I like the colour as well as it is not bright and it is not too pale as well.

  • Viva Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows is the most crirical face section for woman. So, the eyebrow pencil will be one of the needed items that should be put it in the bag.

  • Bath & Bodyworks Hand Sanitizer

I can use this as a perfume if I am lazy to use the perfume. The smell is so fresh and fruity.

My Saturday stuffs are not too many and those are so simple. How about you ?

Thanks for reading.

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