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Ready for the test?

I always prepare for lots of thing to make my life easier and find the comfort place to live. I took the IELTS preparation for about 8 weeks in IALF Jakarta. My classes were conducted every Saturday from 8.45 until 16.00. It’s about 7 hour study in every class session. It was tiring but I was so excited! Because I plan to take an IELTS test soon.

Every student were given the Student ID Card that gave us an access to all facilities provided include library, computer and wifi access until the gate access! Hahaha ….

The main reason why I choose IALF was the native teacher. So, I get used to with the accent. Eventhough I pass the test later, I’ll take another classes if there are available.

The lessons were divided into 4 parts, which were reading, listening, speaking and writing. Honestly, this was the hardest course that I ever took. Beside it was a Saturday class, the course content was so heavy. I had to have a full concentration to understand in details. However, the teacher was able to give the motivation to us in class. So, we had lots of fun during the class. 

The most interesting section for me was listening. I could do the listening practice in the language lab and also in class. The second interesting one was speaking. I love to speak too much. That’s why I always share some my experiences with the teacher in the class and also after the class has finished.

Now, the challenge is choose the right time for the IELTS test. Hopefully, I can decide it soon !

Thanks for reading. 

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