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Review : Varieties of Vegetable in Loving Hut

I’d like to share my story about the vegetarian restaurant that my father and I like to visit. This restaurant is one of our favorite. Loving Hut. It is a healthy organic cuisine. We used to buy in Lotte Avenue, Jakarta or by delivery ordered.

I don’t know what other countries that have Loving Hut as there are already many vegetarian restaurants or some of the restaurant offered the menu for vegetarian. But they claimed that there are exist in 21 countries with more than 230 restaurants.

In Lotte Avenue, it can be find in the Food Avenue. It is in the food court. They offer lots variety of foods from appetizer, greens, soup, noodle, rice plates, vegetable, western food and also many delicious healthy beverages. We can order the food per portion or in a package. We used to order in a package (rice & 3 side dishes). It is perfect portion for one person.

All foods that they sell don’t contain egg, milk and all animals. They contain soya and mushroom. And the rice and vegetable are organic. I, personally, like the food taste. It is like the original ones. And it is healthy. 

There are some of the foods they offer:

Sweet & Sour Fish


Green Chilli Fish


Fried Potatoes with Chilli

Fried Tofu

These side dishes can be chosen for a package order. And believe it or not, all of them free of animal ingredients. 

A healthy food for healty living. Do you want to try?

Thanks for reading.

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