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Review : Fragrance Mist & Body Lotion Bath & Body Works

This is my favorite brand that I always bring in the bag everyday to spray my day and refresh my body. I am the scent person. I really addicted to any kind of perfume and fragrance. I do not stick to one brand though. I used to buy the bodyspray, as the example, based on the fragrance itself.

In this blog, I will review two products of Bath & Body Works that I feel that I am truly a girl after I apply it. Haha.

Fragrance Mist – Mad About You

  • Price : $6.00 per bottle
  • It contains 88 ml
  • My Experience : The fragrance is so fresh. I feel my body is really awake after I spray it. The scent is also soft. It isn’t too strong. So, it’ll be recommended for a daily use to work and university.

Body Lotion – Mad About You

  • Price : $12.50 per bottle
  • It contains 88 ml & Vitamin E
  • My Experience : The texture does not sticky when I apply it to the whole body. It is not too thick. It also absorbs easily and make the skin is being mosturized after a second of applying. The smell is also so good. I use it during the day to re-moisturised my skin.

The mentioned prices will be different that depend on in which country I buy it. As the packaging are packed, so it will be easy to put in the makeup pouch.

Do want to share your favorite fragrance mist and lotion ?

Thanks for reading.

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