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Event Story : What happened in I•Seoul•U event?

Where there were a crowd, the usual things that’d be happened were music concert, tourism exhibition, food exhibition or in-store sales promotion.

When I went to Lotte Avenue on last weekend, I amaze with a crowd wave to the screen on The Seoul Live Streaming Zone. I don’t know what were happened in the beginning. They had a conversation with people in the street through the screen. Actually, they had just say hello in Korean many times and they were simply happy.

Beside this “happy screen”, there are lots of picture that show the beauty and tourism places in Korea, such as Hongdae, Myeongdong, new Flyover, Hanok Buchon Village, Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul N Tower, Yeouido Park, Seoul Forest, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Tongin Market, Gwangjang Market, and other beautiful sights.

Some of the teenagers took some photos under the logo of I•Seoul•U. And they were so happy. I like being here too because I can the guidance to make the itinerary if I want to visit Korea.

Here are some other photos displayed:

Now, I want to visit Korea as I love the beautiful sceneries and the cultural sights. Any experiences in visiting Korea?

Thanks for reading.

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