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A Cute Historical Town – Richmond Village

This destination was one of my wish lists when I visit Hobart, Tasmania. I really wanted to explore this historical complex with the historical bridge and the old Church. When I browsed the picture of this area from the Internet, I definitely wished to took the same angle, spots and whole objects in frame AND I DID! The above photo was the result. 

The Richmond Village was located in heart of the Coal River Valley. It is about 20 mins drive from Hobart CBD. I took the local tour and we went to Richmond Village before we went to Port Arthur. This is for the reason of my effectiveness as with local tours I was able to spot many unique & beautiful places or sceneries along the way.

This large beautiful house was spotted when we were on our way to Richmond Village. We stopped for a while just to take some photos. However, we could not get into the area even into the house as this is the private house. But with a very wide garden surround this house and there were only few neighbours in that area, this house became one of tourist attractions. Some of local tours passed this house and pleased their customers to took some pictures for about 5 – 10 mins.

Finally, we arrived in Richmond Village. In case of getting lost in that area, I saved the map signage that allocated before we entry the complex. It was a large complex with elegant Georgian Architecture application on the beautiful herigate building since 1820s. Now, these were the housing galleries, tea shops, museum, craft boutiques. I really love with this area because I felt the historical feeling was still existed.

By looking at the map, there were some places that recommended to us to had a look, such as :

  • Congregational Church
  • Oak Lodge
  • Scool House
  • St Luke’s Church
  • Police Station
  • Richmond Gaol
  • Courthouse & Council Chambers
  • Richmond Bridge
  • St John’s Church
  • Richmond Recreation Oval

There are some pictures that show the beautiful of this place.

This lovely quite historical town gave me the peace full feeling as I was flied back to years behind.

Red Brier Cottage Accomodation

Richmond Congregational Church

The Lace Shop

I like the concept of this shop. “Teddies on the Green”. They put a big Teddy Bear in pink colours in front of their front door as a welcoming all visitors to the shop. Many tourists stopping by, took some photos and looked around inside the shop. There were also selling the vintage goods. I love it!

I like this kind of house with the wood fence, a vintage house style and some trees surround. It was very hommey.

St Luke’s Church

The beautiful sceneries beside St Luke’s Church

Cute Shop

Richmond Gaol Historic Site

The Village Market

Ways to Richmond Bridge

A view from the Richmond Bridge

The Richmond Bridge & St John’s Church

Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge in Australia and is still being used until now. It completed the construction on 1825. And it was constructed by sandstone. However, there was the scary story about the bridge itself. One of the employees of Richmond Gaol, George Grover, was being killed in Richmond Bridge. He was pushed off the edge of Richmond Bridge.

St John’s Church

I have spent about one hour in this area and it was so wonderful. I really love the historical sites with the vintage building.

Thank you for reading.


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