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Good Morning from Starbucks

Cafe is the best place to wait, have a meeting, just sit down and relax, hanging around and other day to day activities. The other things that are commonly happening in cafe would be having breakfast and lunch. 

For me, a cafe is my preferred relax spot to do some paper works, have a meeting with partners & clients, and meet up with my friends. I worked in 2 cafes while I lived in Melbourne. Starbucks and Banana Tree. I felt like I was at home while I worked. Because I really love the cafe’s environment. 

In this blog post, I will share my experience while I had breakfast in Starbucks Grand Indonesia. As I know, the cafe that open early in the morning in Jakarta is Starbucks. So, I choose go to Starbucks in Grand Indonesia to had breakfast. However, they were still closed when I arrived. They opened at 9 AM.

There were outdoor seats and they asked me to sit there while waiting they finish the opening preparation. 

I love being in Starbucks is because of the coffees, cakes and other pattiserries. For breakfast, they had the package of food and beverages that we can choose. The price are also not expensive, which are between IDR 45,000 to IDR 47,000 (around $4.5 – $5) per package, and I get a tall size of drink and a pattisseries offered. 

I had tuna puff and a tall skim hot cappuccino for my breakfast. This was my perfect portion, as I can’t have the full meal at breakfast. So, this portion was great! 

The tuna puff was so great. The puff contains very dense tuna and it was so soft to swallow. As it was heated, the puff was very pillowy.

There were a lot of people came to Starbucks, when I was there. They had breakfast with their work colleagues or they already had a meeting. I love the envinronment and also the coffee ! Hehehe ……

Thanks for reading.


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