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Review : The Daily Cleanser Addiction

I am in love with the skincare products, especially for my face. As I have a very sensitive skin, I have to select the most safety skincare that does not iritate my skin. I used to try numbers of skincare products, and it gave me the effect in 24 hours time whether it was good or make my skin iritated.

In this blog post, I’d like to review 2 of my cleansing products to remove my make up and also as the  daily cleanser.

Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream The Face Shop

I love this cleansing cream from The Face Shop. Actually, this is my fourth bottle and I am addicting with this and never stop using it. It is a white cream with the medium thickness texture. It is like the whipped cream applying in my face but it is not sticky. I like the packaging too. It is packaged with thick plastic and solid. So, it won’t spread out from the bottle as there is the small cover in between the main cover and the cream. And other benefit would be I can use the package after use for my earings storage.

  • Price : around $18 (depends on the currency)
  • Contains : 400 ml
  • How to use : Put the cream in some spots, such as in the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and also neck. Then, spread it slowly with a little bit of massage to all over the face and neck for about 1 minute. And continue by wipping with 2  face cottons until I feel it clean already.
  • Time : Twice a day (morning and night)
  • Effects : The face is glowing and slick. It is not sticky enough.
  • Usage Duration : 6 – 8 months per bottle (it depends on the cream amount per usage).

Garnier Milky Lightning Dew Toner

This is the other type of toner. Usually, I use the liquid toner before makeup application. After applying the cleansing cream, I used to clean my face with the cleansing oil with water and use this toner before serum application. So, I can feel my skin is trully refresh and clean after usage.

This toner contains pure lemon essense in the fresh milky form. By considering the pure lemon essence ingredient, it can help my skin smoother, lighter, softer and complexion more even. But, if your skin is super sensitive, you better use the liquid toner or micellar water for cleansing.

  • Price : IDR 40,000 (around $4) per bottle
  • Texture : It is very light so it is easy to apply over my face.
  • Effect : It gives the cold effect with a bit sticky.
  • How to use : It just apply it as the cream cleanser application but without a massage. I put a medium amount of milky toner in those 5 spots in my face and spread it. And cleand it with cotton.
  • Time : Twice a day (morning and night)
  • Effect : I feel my skin is so fresh and ready for the serum application
  • Usage Duration : 2 months per bottle

      For me daily cleansing is a must to deeply clean the skin from the dust and polution effect. So, my skin will be healthy.

      Do you want to share your favorite cleansing products ?

      Thanks for reading.

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