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Beautiful Scenery in Tasman National Park

Another scenery that I’d like to visit when I was in Hobart, Tasmania was Tasman National Park. It is National park in the Eastern of Tasmania. I still took the local tour as it’d be hard to get the public transport in Hobart if we wanted to go to suburb on the peak hours. Most of their services started in the afternoon for the suburb route and a morning service for a city route from suburb. So, it’d be easier if we used with local tour.

Before we went to Tasman National Park, we stopped in the lookout spot for about 15 mins. The tour guide pleased us to took some photos with the georgeous scenery as the background. And the landscape was also beautiful. I enjoyed the comfort environment with a few pollutions.

Tasman National Park Lookout

After we stopped in the lookout area, we continued to go to Tasman National Park. We only spent for no more than 30 minutes in this park. We looked the Tasman Arch and Littoral Chasm in the nearest spot. It was amazing.

Tasman Arch and Littoral Chasm

I also enjoyed the good view of Cape Raoul.

Cape Raoul

We can see that the sceneries in Australia, in general, are similar. But it shower different affection to us. I really enjoyed the journey and I wish to go back to Tasman National Park. I want to meet blue penguins in my next trip.

Thanks for reading.

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