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A Ghost Tour in Port Arthur

I still talked about my trip while I was in Hobart, Tasmania. I still amaze with this city. The city is so quite if comparing to Melbourne and Sydney. However, we can find a lot of historical places that can be visited and the unique thing was those were combined with the georgeous scenery. I couldn’t find the moment that can bore my day in Hobart. And I still want to go back to Hobart for my next trips as the mission hadn’t been completed yet. There are still some places that still allocated in my wishlist. And I also want to visit another cities in Tasmania.

The historical site that is really popular in Tasmania is Port Arthur Historic Site. one of the explanations about this place thay it was the place for the hardest of convicted British criminals from the year of 1833 to 1853. I think this the reason why this site became the most important of Australia’s heritage sites and tourist destinations nowadays. I found the challenge of getting the transportation to the site. It is about 100 km South East of Hobart and the exact location is on the scenic Tasman Peninsula.

Finally, I continued with the ordered local tour because my friend and I took the ghost tour in Port Arthur Historic Site, which was started around 6.30 pm. We had to buy 2 tickets, the site entry and the ghost tour ticket. 

  • Site Entry Ticket : A$ 39 per adult. We had provided a site map. So, we won’t get lost. We also guided for about 40 mins tour that explain about the site.
  • Ghost Tour Ticket : A$ 26.50 per adult.

Ghost Tour

We were so excited with a 90 minute ghost tour. It was a group tour of 12 people and 1 tour guide. We started a tour at 6.30 pm. And our group were only provided with 3 lantern-lits. It was so scary because it was dark and we had to walk through the site. I was so scary to took some photos during this night tour. So, the photos in this blog post will be taken during the day tour.

Port Arthur’s Convict Church

    This was our first destination. The tour guide explained the history about this Church and the ghost inside. He said that there were a woman-ghost who used to stand in the upstair window and the naughty boy-ghost (if I’m not mistaken) who used to play with human.

    There is another small cute Church opposite the Port Arthur Convict’s Church. This Church was so tidy and the tour guide didn’t mention about the ghost in it. So, it was safe.

    Haunted House

    We invited to visit into these haunted houses. Honestly, I smelled something bad in the entrance door of the first hause. But, I did not think anything bad or scary because I thought that was the smell of rabbits in that area. In the first house, the lantern guy was asked to go inside the house to check whether the situation was safe enough for us to come. Then, we asked to feel the house from inside. When I entered the big door of living room, the door closed slowly in front of me and I just push the door and went inside. The tour guide was explained that there was a man living in that house, he was sick and dead. He became the scariest ghost in that area.

    The Port Arthur Historic Site Area

    The Accountant’s House

    In this spot, we were told that there were a woman who used to worked there as a baby sitter for children’s worker. She get married with one of the worker and get pregnant. When she died, she still curious about her baby’s existence until now. Instead of scary, I became very sad because of her story.

    Soldiers Memorial Avenue

    A Quite Place

    This place is for convicts that had the worst severe punishment. In this place, no people could talk. There was a pastor who regularly gave sermon to give peace to give convicts inside.

    There are some photos of other beautiful building in this area and of course all of them have interesting stories.

    I love this place as I am always in love with all historical places. And the ghost tour itself was very interesting. There were lots of challenge but fun. It was scary but I knew that in Australia everything always safe. So, I will be safe.

    This my certificate of the ghost tour completion. Do you want to try this tour ? 😊😊😊

    Thanks for reading.


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