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My Comfort Zone in JJ Royal

I am truly a cafe addict. As I tell you in my previous blog posts, I always enjoy any kind of cafes that have coffees (of course), cute cakes and fish & chips. I preferred a private cafe instead of the seats in a very open space though. Beside Blacklisted Cafe, I always visit JJ Royal Brasserie in Lotte Avenue, Jakarta. Actually, this cafe came first before Blacklisted.

My impression of JJ Royal Brasserie was a very hommey feeling in the French cafe. Yes, I love anything about French. But after few moments, I just realized that there were the combination of many cultures in that cafes that are Japanesse, French and Indonesia. I noticed those from the menu, interior design (include furniture) and the paintings. I really like the environment. 

When I did a weekly shopping in Lotte Avenue, I would have lunch in JJ Royal Brasserie or Blacklisted. It depends on my mood but both cafes have my favorite dish, Fish & Chips. In this blog post, I’ll share the info about the desserts that I always order in JJ Royal.

Gold Bullion – IDR 49,000 ($5)

Fresh Strawberry in Jar with Sugar 

I love this kind of dessert. The strawberry fruit that serve with whipped cream and finishing with raw sugar. I love the taste because it is so refresh my throat after eating main course.

Srawberry Cheese Cake

Black Velvet – IDR 35,000 ($4)

I love all cakes they offered. They also have another creative things offered. We can ask them to sing a “Happy Birthday” song while suprising our friend, who has a birthday on that moment, with a birthday cake. It became a memorable moment for us. And we definetely will go back there for suprising another birthday friend.

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