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Refreshment of the Heart

The combination of a blue sky, green colours of grass and fertile trees give me the peaceful feeling. A clear sound of birds singing with no mixed with the sound of vehicles’ machines hardly find in the big cities.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the big city with lots of business activities in it. There won’t be rare if the traffic jam starts and 5.30 AM and finish at 1 AM everyday. This is the reason why the polution level reaches the high level in Jakarta. The news in here are so busy as well.

This always be my main reason why I took a flight to overseas every year just to take a breath and enjoy the day without a never-stop vehicles’ beep, pollution, less political news, clearer sky and other things that can calm my heart. Usually, I took a trip to Australia because I feel very homey every-time I was there.

There will be my tips to refresh the heart from the daily routine and environment.

  1. Take a yearly long-trip holiday. In terms of the destination, it depends on your preferences.
  2. Choose the destination that relate to nature. I prefer to go to beaches or mountains to see the world freely naturally.
  3. Don’t mix your mind between leisures and daily activities during the holiday. Just focus on the relaxation and refresh the mind & soul.
  4. Reading Habit Engagement. Spend around 1 hour per day to read a light novel. I used to choose the stories of love, life and traveling destination.

*Happiness is always important factor for my life.*

Thanks for reading.


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