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I Left My Heart in Melbourne

Hi everyone!

In my story today, I will talk about the city that I love the most. Melbourne. I get attracted to this city since I was in junior high school. My parents and I periodically did some trips to several cities in Australia, such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. And I continually did some study tours to each city years after. After I get certificate degree in Sydney, I continued my diploma and bachelor degrees in Melbourne. And I build my chemistry with this city naturally. I got click & it’s a never ending in love with it.

I know that some of people prefer other cities and countries better but I will share to you the reasons why I get a long with Melbourne really well.

1. Peaceful Feeling

Yarra River

The not-so-quite city gives me a peaceful feeling. I can walk every where at any time in the city without any worries. I can put my bag at the back without any suspicious that anyone will grab my bag. I can also smile and ask for help with strangers without any fears. I am able to sit in the park or in any public places by myself with no unconvenient. I feel safe because most of people will happily help me out without reciprocals. And also I can find the police officers in every spots.

2. Less Polution and Less Traffic Jam

Most of people in Melbourne took public transport for daily transportation instead of private cars. Melbourne has the best public transports that we can choose, like trams, trains, bus, taxis. If we want to go around the city, all trams are free. Firstly, the free tram was only the city circle tram with red colour. It’s a beautiful design tram. Some people are still drive their cars and some of them use their cars, drop them to nearest train stations and continue catch the train. It’s better. So, the traffic jam mostly happened in the outer city and some of them in some parts within the city.

3. Beautiful City Landcape

The city landscape is really beautiful with the combination of building, river, the blue sky and and clean roads. All combination are shapped properly and create the best scenery ever.

4. Beautiful Building with Historical Design

The Block Arcade

I love the vintage style of building design. It is so historical and we can have a historical feeling. In Melbourne, we can find beautiful historical design easily, that are built in the office building, cafes, homes and some other building. I love it so much.

Flinders Station

CBD environment

Main Road in Ballarat

The Pathway in the City

5. The Best Cakes

We can find lots of cakes with unique and creative shapes easily. There are some small cake shops around the cities and there are lots of cafes surround. You don’t have to worry if you are craving for cakes.

6. It’s a Cafe Heaven

Cafes in Flinders Lane

As a coffee and a cafe lover, I can’t hardly find the cafe in all areas in Melbourne. There are a lot of cafes that can be found along the main road and there are also many cafes in the small roads and lane behind the building. I like the small cafes with few seats outside. It creates an intimate environment.

7. Modern Building Design

Federation Square

There are also some modern design that we can found in the city, such as the Federation Square. It is just in front of the Flinders Station. The design is so unique and creative. If you need to go to the tourist information or book the local tour, this is the place that you can go into.

8. Creative Wall Grafitti

Hossier Lane

Actually, this is just a lane and it is just the short cut for most of people. But the creator paint the wall surround with creative design. There are more than 1 lane that can be found with the unique design. Then, it becomes one of the tourist attraction. Lots of tourists just come to this place to do pose and take some photo.

There are still many reasons that make Melbourne the best place to visit for me. And this city gives me the homey feeling. But, if I have to write them down, there will be hundreds. Haha …  

Thanks for reading.


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