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Opera House Lookout From Milsons Point

Hello Everyone!

The city that I want to talk about in this post is Sydney. But I want to focus on the Sydney Opera House. Most of people really want to go to Opera House for watching the opera or just walking around in the area as there are a lot of cafes in the area and also it is really a good view to sit down ad relax. If you look for the beautiful scenery to put as the background in your photo, this is the good place to go.

My friend and I took the first step on Milsons Point lookout to see the best scenery of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House from distance. It was really challenging for us as it was very windy. We couldn’t move fast and it was really freezing. It was winter on that time.

The Milsons Point lookout is located at the Milson’s Point ferry wharf. We took the ferry from Circular Quay and stopped near the Luna Park entrance. The best thing to do when we arrived in Sydney was buying the Opal card. It was very useful because we could use this card to get an access to public transportation in Sydney. So, we just used this Opal Card to get the ferry access. It was so easy and faster though.

Sunset View from Milsons Point

Actually the main reason we choose the Milsons Point because we wanted to see the best scenery of the area during sunset and it’d be the best photography ever. This lookout provides the Harbour Bridge view as the main point of interest and Sydney Opera House for the distance scenery. Therefore, the scenery was very beautiful especially during sunset time.

Entrance Gate of Luna Park

I did not go inside of Luna Park as it was very windy and we just focus on the Milsons Point lookout before the sunset walked away. So, we just took some pose for about 10 mins when we arrived in Luna Park entrance.

We continued to walk through this area. And I declare that the view was really great. We searched the best background and best shooting angle. We had lots of beautiful photos. 

This was the spot from the other side of the lookout. I like this post because it’s the combination between beautiful houses and a Parramatta river. I took some photos in this area.

Sydney Opera House View

It was the last post before we went back to Circular Quay and walked around the Opera House from a short distance.

The area near the Opera House was more crowded than in Milsons Point. There were some parties happening in that area with lots of shouting and laughing. And there were also many people wore very beautiful dresses and clothes walked to the Opera House. 

The view was great. The beauty was so long lasting scenery in my heart. But, I didn’t the environment as it was so crowded and packed. 

I was so happy to enjoy the best scenery and the most destination in Sydney. The point that I get while in Sydney that the lively city was there and the comfort city was in Melbourne.

Thanks for reading.


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