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When We Talk About All Cute Things

Hello Everyone …….

What country that mostly come up with the cute things ever?

Can you guess that ?

Japan!!!!!! Yes. This country mostly produce very creative, unique, different and ver cute products that attract us to buy. When I traveled to Japan about 3 years ago, I was really amazed with the packet of the dish. Some of those were simple but neat and safe to bring. And other packets were so creative and really different of we compare to other countries’. Mostly, the Japanesse products have the unique signage that we always able notice that those products are from Japan. The culture speaks.

When I was in Osaka, I visited Daisho in Namba area. I was curious about the price whether they sell the products with the cheap price for all products like in Jakarta. And I wanted to know about the product range. The answer would be ….. YES, they sell the producs for 110 Yen (including tax) for most products. But the prices are different for the selected products. But those are still cheap.

The product ranges were also varies. Those were from the categories of clothing, snacks, food, a ready to go meal, household appliances, cosmetics, accessories, stationeries and other categories that you couldn’t thing on the first stage.

The cute products that my eyes got attracted was the oil paper. Yes, it was just the oil paper as the function. But the design was really cute and creative.

The package was illustrated a Hello Kitty cartoon at the front with eye catch pictures and colours. I more amazed when I open the package, there were the 3D illustrations that represent the front design to be alived inside of the package. There were a small hole to pull the oil paper out. So, it is so hygenic. There won’t be a polution inside the package. I bought 3 boxes, and I still keep some of the boxes. The oil paper itself was different with the one that sell in the supermarket and chemist. It produced from the thick raw materials. So, it was really convenience to use.

I am very satisfy with the product and I know what should I buy when I travel to Japan. 

Do you have anything unique while in Japan?

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love Japanese imagination! They are so creative! Manga, anime, games, technology, fictions, fashion, and you name it! I really like how we are human but they just come up with so many cute things!
    I am going to travel to Japan the end of this year and I am planning my stop XD My first Japan trip.

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