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Chicken Katsu For Lunch ?

 Hello friends,

My blog posts are mostly talking about my experience in traveling, beauty products and foods. Why? Because I really love those three. Those are my life and my soul. I’ll get recharge whenever I experience with all of those and share them with you.

Currently, I had delicious lunch in the campus canteen while I had a meeting in one of the classroom. It was a simple lunch but it is a HEAVY LUNCH for me. I used to have 1 kind of sidedish and rice / fries. That’s it! But this time I need to have a more complete dish for my luch.

Chicken Katsu in a package. It was so delicious and could fill my stomach very well.

The package contains :

  • Rice
  • Sliced Fried Chicken in fillet form
  • Soy sauce. This sauce poured to all sides of the chicken. It can blend very well with the seasoning.
  • Broth Sauce. I usually put this over the rice to make the food doesn’t too dry and could be swallowed smoothly.

I used to combine the mayonnaise sauce and a small portion of chilli sauces as the dressing. Trust me, this combination worked well for me. It only costed me IDR 25,000 (around $3) for the dishes.

As usual, I completed my lunch with a cup of hot cappuccino. And this was so cheap, IDR 17,000 (around $2) per cup. Tell me about your lunch.

Thanks for reading.


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