Day: June 2, 2017

My Foods While In Perth

Hi friends, During traveling, I like to take a walk instead of using the public transportation. I enjoy the clean air along the way with less polution and very convenience path walk. There are also very safe. So, I decided to have 70% of walking trip and 30% […]


It’s a Must for June

Hi friends, June is the best month for cleaning our body, make it healthier and get the best scent ever. I, personally, love to bring all skincare and all makeup that I have for accompany me on my daily activities. However, my bag was getting heavier and I […]

6 Hours in Sydney CBD

Sydney, as in my opinion, it is the crowd city to live. There are lots of tourist come to Sydney, especially in CBD. There are also thousands tourist attraction that can be visited with no costs in this city. There are so many restaurants and cafes that offer […]

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