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6 Hours in Sydney CBD

Sydney, as in my opinion, it is the crowd city to live. There are lots of tourist come to Sydney, especially in CBD. There are also thousands tourist attraction that can be visited with no costs in this city. There are so many restaurants and cafes that offer the creative menu. The entertainment places spread in the city. This city is never sleep. I always find group of people eventhough there was already late at night.

I lived in this city for one year long time ago. And I feel that this city is perfect for me as a holiday destination instead of finding a hommey feeling. However, there are a lot of beautiful building and places that attract the tourists. In this post, I will share some beautiful places that I visited in Sydney CBD for about 6 hours and definitely for free.

St Mary’s Cathedral

This place is really beautful and sacred. There will be a peace feeling, especially when I entry the Church. I love the building design and I am also in love with the interior. It so ellegant and antique. Some parts of the Church are open for public. So, we could feel the beauty of the Church and looked around inside the Church for about 30 minutes. 

Hyde Park Sydney

This park is so big and very neat. The trees are very well-maintained. The path way is very wide and it won’t make any crowds in terms of traffic. This park is the oldest parkland in Australia. This park location is just accross the St Mary’s Cathedral. So, it can be reach by foot after visiting the Church.

There is a beautiful fountain in the middle of th park with very unique sculpture that was designed by French artist. This is Archibald Fountain. I love the fountain design and also it surrounds by birds. So, it becomes the lively park.

There was a small restaurant or cafe in the Hyde park as well. I haven’t try this cafe yet as I wanted to go around the city. But, when I saw this place from outside, it looked so simple place and give the comfort feeling to seat there and have lunch. Maybe someday I’ll visit there.

Walked Along the City Area

I always had a one to two hours time to explore CBD everytime I did traveling. I like to enjoy the traffic within, the displayed stores, feel the environment and get the chemistry on with the building surround.

There were a lot of shops and restaurants that I could visit as they offered variety of products. If I couldn’t refrain myself, I would buy whole stuffs and get the extra luggage. Haha. Overall, I like the city environment as there are surrounded by many historical building and make the area feel so convenience.

Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Historically, this building was designed by George McRae and it was completed in 1898. I love the whole design of this buildig. It was very antique and gave the historical feeling as I walked through inside the building. There were many high end shops that could be visited, antique cafes, food court, choccolate shops, and many other. It is a very recommended place to visit if you want to get the historical feeling in one place.

Town Hall

This big beautiful building was very ellegant but it was too bad that I could not entry. There were a tight security at the front. So, I just took some photos in the area surround.

St Andrew’s Cathedral

The next place to visit nearby the Town Hall was St Andrew’s Cathedral. It was also a very beautiful place to visit but I also couldn’t go inside as this is a private place. The building design is very old beautiful style and shower the warmth feeling. There is the complex inside the Church area and I love the area as well.

Darling Harbour

It was a bit long way walk to the harbour from QVB area. It was about 15 – 20 minutes. But as long as there wasn’t a pollution in the air, I really enjoyed walking. Darling Harbour itself is a harbour adjacent to Sydney city centre. This place also a large recreational places with lots of attraction.

There are still many places that can be visited in Sydney CBD though. These places above were the places that I prefer to go for 6 hour by walk. I hope this can help you to plan the travel itinerary.

Thanks for watching.


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