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It’s a Must for June

Hi friends,

June is the best month for cleaning our body, make it healthier and get the best scent ever. I, personally, love to bring all skincare and all makeup that I have for accompany me on my daily activities. However, my bag was getting heavier and I have to select the best priority of things to put in my bag.

Those things are a hand lotion and a perfume or body spray. I love to apply hand lotion or body lotion regularly during the day, such as every 2 or 3 hours that depends on the dryness of the weather that reflect my skin. And I love to put body spray or a perfume many times. This is because I like fragrance and also the scent can made my day.

There are 2 brands that I will bring everyday and those always stay in my bag.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tree Lavender Eau de Toilette Spray

This 30 ml perfume stays in my bag for June edition. I really love the scent. It is really fresh and I can feel the happiness showered. It’ll be best to raise my mood during the day.

PALMER’S Raw Shea Hand Cream

This hand cream contain a Vitamin E and it made with natural shea butter. And it claims that it will last for 24 hour in moisturizing. There are some ingredients and the benefits for the skin :

  • Shea Butter : It can deeply nourishes and softens skin.
  • Marula Oil : It imparts radiance and improve skin texture.
  • Oatmeal Extract : It can calms and soothes irritation.

When I apply this lotion in my palm,  the texture is quite thicker if comparing with my other lotions. But, it is really moisturized my skin and it is not sticky. The smell is not too strong or it can be said that there is no scent coming out though. So, it’ll be perfect for daily usage.

Please share what will you bring in your bag on June ?

Thanks for reading.


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