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My Foods While In Perth

Hi friends,

During traveling, I like to take a walk instead of using the public transportation. I enjoy the clean air along the way with less polution and very convenience path walk. There are also very safe. So, I decided to have 70% of walking trip and 30% using cars or public transportations. 

Because of the long walk, I never eat too much during traveling. I use to drink a hot coffee for breakfast and a small bread. In lunch time, I eat a medium portion of dish and also for dinner. My stomach won’t get too full and ready for the next steps.

In this post, I’d like to share what did I eat during traveling to Perth, Western Australia. It was the simple food and an easy to get. 


This was the simple breakfast that I had in Miss Maud restaurant. Actually, this was one of my breakfast dishes. I like this Coco Pops and skim milk as the milk was getting chocolate after a second of eating. It was not too full but it gave me lots of energy.


I thought this should be a breakfast’s dessert but I ate that as the main course. This was one slice of pancake with rasberry and other fruits on the top. It poured by a sauce and completed by a cup of ice cream.

A Package of Scrambled Egg

This was another breakfast series. But this was the heavy one if compare with others. It was a package of scrambled egg, sausages, and a mushroom. I used the tomato sauce to gave the better taste.

Fish and Chips

This was absolutely not for my breakfast and not for my dinner either. It’s a fish and chips again!!!! I love this dish so much! I always have this everywhere. I get this dish when I traveled to Fremantle as this area is popular with the fish and chips menu. So, I tried it and this was so delicious! I will go back there and have another bites.

Chicken Nugget Meal

This meal was also my favorite. McDonald’s with a 6 pack chicken nugget in a small meal. I always have this everytime I travel to Australia. I love the taste of the nugget and also the sauce. However, McDonald’s in Perth CBD didn’t have a mustard sauce like in Melbourne. So, I just get a sweet and sour sauce. It was perfect for me too.

These were not a big and complicated dish that I had when I travel to Perth, but those were worked very well for me.

Thanks for reading.


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