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The Perfect Louisiana Rub Chicken Flavor

Hi Everyone,

Food is always the best thing to explore and to discuss. I love food and I love the place to eat as well. For me the taste of food can be reflected from the environment of the place we seat and enjoy the food. 

Chicken will be another story for me. Any kind of cooked chicken instead of the boiled one will do for me. I have tried various menu of chicken in Indonesia and overseas. And I realise that I couldn’t live without it. It’s not a drama though. Haha ….

In this post, I’d like to share my review of my other favorite restaurant in Jakarta that have a lovely taste of fried chicken. It calls Wingstop. I used to visit the restaurant in Kota Kasablanca as it is very near from my home.

To be honest, Wingstop sell the fried chicken that have a very unique taste of spices and they are blended well under the chicken skin. I am addicted to this chicken. 

I used to order 2 pieces of drumsticks and we can choose 1 flavour for the chicken. And I choose Louisiana Rub flavour. It is very tasty flavour with no spicy but just tasty. The chickens are also fried very well and the flavour itself is blended well. I can also add the dipping sauce for free and I choose a honey mustard sauce. In Jakarta, it is not easy to find a mustard sauce. That’s why I really excited when Wingstop have that for a dipping sauce that we can choose. The price for these 2 drumsticks is IDR 34,545 or around $ 4. It’s a bit pricey for a small chicken but the price is really worth.

As the rice replacement, I order cajun french frice. It is really tasty as well. It is not just a plain french fries but there is the taste within. It is a skin on flavored fries with the price around IDR 17,000 or around $ 2 for a medium size.

And as usual, I finish my lunch with a cup of hot cappucino. 

I like this restaurant because the menus are in a perfect portion for me.

Thanks for reading friends.


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