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How to travel to Japan with less COST?

Japan 3

Many people said that Japan is one of the expensive countries to live and to travel to. So, we have to do some savings if we planned to have a holiday in Japan or we search how to get there with the cheapest amount. I did the second one though. In this blog post, I will give you some tips about how to get to Japan with low costs and get lots of happiness.

1. Choose the Off Peak Season for Traveling

Japan 1

Always keep updating with any promotion programs from airlines, travel online and travel agents. They periodically conduct the promotion program every year. Usually, they inform us by email, direct messages to members and blast the advertisement. However, some airlines and travel agent conduct the exhibition. They offer the best prices for numbers of destination. So, keep checking and updating. When I traveled to Japan, I choose the early winter period (August) as people usually come to Japan to see cherry blossom on March – April. So, August would be the best month to travel with cheaper price.

2. Always Prepare the Travel Itinerary Before Start the Journey

Japan 7.jpg

I used to planned the itinerary for my travel guidance and it could save money as well if we organized it well. Here are the tips :

  • Start the first day (Arrival Day) with no public transportation engagement. Basically, we just have half day to go for a trip after check-in and unpacking in the hotel. It’d be better if the destinations of the first day locate around the hotel and can be reached by walk.
  • Always plan the destinations within one area or the places that are located with the same way to the targeted destinations. It will be save lots of money and time.
  • Always put all budget in the itinerary, which include public transportation costs, tips (if any), food and beverages, phone provider, airport tax, and other required costs. It’ll be better if we put in the save range amount of money. So, we will still have a spare money as a contingency cost.
  • Always save the city map and public transportation maps in mobile phone or printed out. In Japan, some maps were in Japanese language. So, it was really helped by having the English version map in my phone.

3. Never Buy the Unlimited Ticket for Public Transportation

Japan 4

It would be easier if we buy the unlimited ticket of public transportation from local travel agent before we travel. But, it would be more expensive. In Japan, it usually took half a day just to visit one temple or one castle as the area are big enough and we were required to walk. So, 2 – 3 places to visit within a day would be more than enough. It will be wasting money if we buy the unlimited ticket. I preferred to buy a single ticket for train or bus per trip. The cost would based on the trip though. The challenge thing was the language. However, the ticket machine in the station provided a button for English language on the top left corner.

4, Food Sharing

Japan 5

In Japan, the portion of the dish was so big for a woman. We used to share foods. We would buy another menu if we were still hungry. There were some restaurants that sell side dishes. So, we could just order 2 – 3 dishes for sharing and 2 bowl of rice.

5. Hostel would be BETTER

Japan 8.jpg

It was not only because of the cheaper rate if we stayed in the hotel. But, most of the hostels could speak in English. So, it won’t be lost in translation though. The hostel that we stayed were really concerned about the female visitors. They won’t lock the front door if the female visitors were not arriving back yet. They put the safety at first.

6. Always Bring Drinks in the Bag

Japan 6.jpg

In Japan, there would be long distance for visiting one place and to move from one place to another. I used to buy a drink in the vending machine or in Lawson before start a day. It was really exhausting after a long walk.

I really enjoy Japan for holiday. And the price was really enjoyable too. Hopefully, this information can help you in creating the travel itinerary.

Thanks for reading.


  1. When I went to Tokyo in April, I found that it was best to eat at Lawson or Family Mart for some for the meals. If one is really craving a good Michelin star cuisine, eat during lunch time for a cheaper price.


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