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What to do in Rinku Town ?

Rinku Town 2

Japan is always one of interesting countries to visit. It has many interesting places to visit and be explored. The nature is also very beautiful. The culture attracts numbers of tourists to have the experience with it, such as by renting Kimono, as a Japanese traditional garment, in some historical places and allow them to wear Kimono while enjoying the historical places. When I traveled to Japan, I still can feel the culture so strong. I love to watched them while wearing the traditional uniform in celebrating any special days.

The first destination in Japan that I visited was Rinku town. Why Rinku town? I will let you know in my blog post.

Rinku town itself is the commercial development in Izumisano, Osaka. It is really close to Kansai International Airport. This is the reason why I started the journey from Osaka and continued to another cities. My cousin and I arrived in Kansai International Airport around 10 PM. We had an extra time as we had a turbulence during the trip. We took the hotel transfer bus to the hotel that we planned to stay for 1 night, Kansai Airport Washington Hotel. The bus was charge in no cost. However, the bus would stop operate at 11.35 PM. So, if we had 1 minutes late, we had to catch a Taxi. We tried to avoid Taxi because the taxi rate in Japan is so expensive.  We chose this hotel because it was really near to Rinku Premium Outlets. Haha … this was the reason why we wanted to go to Rinku town.

Rinku Town 5

We arrived at the hotel and finished our administration at about 12 AM. The incredible thing about this hotel that there was Lawson inside the hotel building. This helped us out because it was already late at night and we were so starving. And other plus point was most of the food discounted after 6 PM everyday. We bought 2 Onigiri for our dinner with only 130 Yen each. This was so cheap. Each onigiri filled with very pack of tuna, crab, and others, which we could chose. And they also sell varies of coffee with very attractive package.

Rinku 14

The next morning we went to Rinku Premium Outlet after we had breakfast by foot. We preferred walking because we wanted to enjoy our journey by enjoying the environment with very clean path walk, clean air, less pollution and there were also some shops in the building before Rinku Premium Outlet. So, there were some destinations that we could stopped and did window shopping before the real shopping moment.

Rinku Town 3Rinku Town 4Rinku Town 6Rinku Town 9

Beside the shops, there were some attractions that we could get into or just sit and had some rests. I was really enjoyed sitting nearby the Ferris Wheel. Because there were a lot of group of people enjoying the attraction or just walked through.

After about 30 minutes walked, we finally arrived in Rinku Premium Outlets. I really love this place. It wasn’t just a factory outlets but it was a premium outlets. It was a very big place with lots of outlets from premium brands, such as Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, The Body Shop, and others. The place layout was also very organized. There were enough distances between shops. So, we didn’t feel packed even-though there were so many people inside. And there were seats available outside some outlets. So, we could take a seat to think what should we buy next. Haha ….

Rinku Town 1

The amazing thing was I only spent around 10,000 Yen and I get 1 Kate Spade wallet, 1 Kate Spade pouch, 2 The Body Shop foundations and 1 sport pants from Uniqlo. Was the price so friendly ? The products of clothing and accessories were not the new arrival though. But, I was OK with that as long as the products were still new. I was very happy in that place. If I was not thinking that we were still on our first day in Japan, I would think to look around more.

After we did some shopping, we had lunch in the curry restaurant in Rinku area. It was a small restaurant but it was an attractive place. I love anything but curry. The challenge thing that we couldn’t understand about the menu. So, we just pointed the picture out that seems very delicious. The waitress was so patience helping us to understand about the food itself. I ordered fried chicken and rice with curry sauce. It was so delicious! The chicken was well-fried and the curry sauce had very rich taste. The portion was so big for me though. But It was a perfect food.

I love anything about Japan. In my experience while traveling to Japan, the expenses were lots cheaper than Australia. The food, clothing, public transports and others were offered in the best price. I will let you know the tips traveling to Japan in my next blog posts.

Thanks for reading.


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